What is Rosenfeld up to?

Eric Rosenfeld was one of the original partners at LTCM. Since LTCM was clearly a 10 sigma event, it is obvious that he should be doing incredibly well somewhere right now using the same basic strategies. Oddly enough that doesn’t seem to be the case. It looks like last year he tried to open a new fund. Classic line from a Mathieu Klein in the article:

Investors are mature enough not to be casting judgments on something that happened nine years ago in a very different environment.

Fortunately for everyone this thing didn’t seem to actually get off the ground (at least looking at SEC filings). 

Edit: The original post included a sentence about how he was investing for another firm but that was a different Eric Rosenfeld. My apologies to that other Eric Rosenfeld and to Crescendo Partners.


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  1. Jamie Fee on

    An easy mistake to make but certainly outside of the skill set of LTCM’s Eric Rosenfeld. Eric Rosenfeld of Crescendo Partners has been an activist investor since starting Crescendo Partners in 1998. Before that he ran the merger arbitrage desk at Oppenheimer & Company. He has a terrific reputation among shareholders which you must confess is a proper forum for judging the results of an activist investor.

  2. Fat Tailed on

    I updated the post to reflect the comment above. Sorry about that.

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